Efficiency Tip – Have you ever cleaned your washing machine filter?

We received a call from one of our tenants complaining that her washing machine was not working. Mid-cycle, an error message appeared on her display and the machine would not work. It wouldn’t drain, it wouldn’t spin and we couldn’t even open the door. After prodding and pressing a few buttons without success, we decided to open the filter. A large amount of lint had built up inside this particular filter and caused the washing machine to stop working. See picture.

What is the role of a filter in a washing machine?

The filter in a washing machine (or washer dryer) protects the pump from unwanted objects – like coins, buttons, hair and lint. In this particular AEG washing machine, the filter was the size of a banana and the entire area was overflowing with black sediment, residue, lint, and even dryer sheets that had somehow managed to get stuck. It was filled to capacity causing the machine to stop draining and working all together. Finally, once we cleaned the filter (and the area around it), the washing machine ran all its cycles perfectly.

Clean Washing Machine filter

Clogged filters in washing machines are responsible for about 85% of drain issues. Knowing that the filter plays such an important role in an appliance, it’s worth checking it regularly and cleaning it. This might prevent an expensive and unnecessary call-out to a specialist.

Efficiency Tip: Locate the filter in your washing machine. If you can’t figure out where it is, check the operating manual. Every six months, check and clean the filter to prevent an accumulation of objets.

P.S. Lastly, make sure you open the filter following the instruction in the operating manual. In most washing machines in the UK, the filter is located in the front panel, towards the bottom of the machine and is a visible flap. Some filters have hoses and water in them so it’s important to put a bucket and towel below the area of the filter before opening it.

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