Efficiency Tip – Get organised with a “morning checklist”

The idea of a “morning checklist” came at the start of this academic year when every school day required a different uniform and a different set of “gear.”

On Mondays one needed her piano book and library books, and both needed to turn homework in. Tuesdays were slightly easier because both wore their PE uniform, and only one of them had gym squad practice. Wednesdays required packing an entire gym bag with swimming equipment.

With so much variability, the girls were forgetting their stuff at home frequently.

We solved this easily with a “morning checklist.” For each day of the school week, we write what each child should be wearing (PE kits or normal uniform), turning in homework or not, and any additional gear they should be taking to school that – ballet, gymnastics, swimming.

Before we walk out the door, the girls scan the checklist briefly to make sure they have everything they need. Even more efficient would be to check and prepare this the night before and leave it by the door… but we are not there yet.

Here is our “morning checklist” if you want to have a look. Make yours simple and easy to follow. I promise you, mornings will be easier.

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