Efficiency Tip – Create a “breakfast rota”

I had a light bulb moment when I thought of creating a “breakfast rota” and asked our two young girls to help me with the task. About two years ago, one of our daughters cried every morning when she couldn’t have pancakes yet again for breakfast.

First, we sat down together to write all the breakfast food we enjoyed eating. Our family tends to eat sweet breakfasts (probably not the healthiest, but that works for us) so our list was not long. It included cereals, granola, oatmeal, pancakes, crepes, toast with jam, waffles, and the occasional egg.

Then, we decided that anything that required more than two minutes of preparation (pancakes, crepes, and waffles) was going to be eaten once a week or on weekends. We picked Wednesdays and Saturdays as our “pancake day” (or crepes or waffles), and also decided that our heavenly Nutella would only make a weekly appearance on Saturdays.

The girls took turns picking what day of the week they would allocate to each of the different breakfasts and which one would appear twice on the list. We left Sunday as “free” in order to allow some spontaneity into our lives, but in reality, we end up eating oatmeal or cereal on that day too.

This is what our rota looks like

“Breakfast rota” = smoother mornings

Mornings are smoother since we introduced the “breakfast rota.” Two years on, the rota is ingrained and we don’t have pancake cries every morning.

P.S. Life is always throwing unexpected situations at us and they are easier to tackle if parts of our day are pre-planned and don’t require decision making.

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