Efficiency Tip – get organised by loading up on spares

As a mother of three, there isn’t much time to spare so I make sure we always have spares around the house – unintentional pun!

I stock up on a few items but for now, let’s start with light bulbs, batteries and office supplies. All spares are kept in one big, plastic IKEA box and everyone in the house – except my husband – knows where they are.


Let’s start with light bulbs. I always have spares of the different kinds of light bulbs around our home –  lamps, spotlights, and candle bulbs. When the last spare light bulb is used, I do not throw away the empty packaging, but leave it behind so that I can restock on the exact voltage/watts I need as replacements. Once replacements have arrived, I throw away the old packaging.


London Problem Solver - keep spare light bulbs


Furthermore, I also keep all sizes of household batteries in our box: AAA, AA, 9V, and CR2032.  They always come in handy when you least expect them – a new toy, the remote control, the kitchen scale, flashlights…


London Problem Solver - keep a variety of spare batteries in your home.

Now we get to the “pearl” of my spares: the box of office supplies. No one in the house (and I mean no one) is allowed to touch this box except for me. This is where I keep a pair of scissors, Scotch tape, Sharpies, stapler, glue gun, measuring tape and special pens. I keep this all together in it’s own plastic box inside a drawer. I’m always reminded of the usefulness of this box when I have to wrap a birthday present at 11 at night and the scissors I need are there.

Call me obsessive, but it’s all part of making life easier in the long term. As Benjamin Franklin said, “by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

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